Taba, Egypt

Taba Excursions

Range: $0 - $1400.00
Number Of Days
Range: 0 - 14

Maestro Online Travel offers well selected tours from Taba city to cairo, Petra Jordan, St. Catherine, Luxor, Colored Canyon, Safari Trips from Taba and more day tours you can do from Taba, come and join us now. 

  • Cairo Excursions from Taba coming to you by Maestro Online Travel, enjoy with us Cairo tours from Taba city, scout the most famous sightseeing in Cairo, visit Pyramids of Giza, Saqqara Pyramid, Memphis, the Egyptian Museum, and then Salah El Din Citadel then get back to Taba again.  

    2 Days

  • Cairo Tours from Taba by Flight with Maestro Online Travel; while you are staying in Taba you can take a flight to Cairo to enjoy our Cairo tours from Taba, visit the Pyramids of Giza, the Egyptian Museum & Khan El Khalili bazaar in Old Cairo.  

    About 12 hours

  • Come and join our Cairo and Luxor tours from Taba via Maestro Online Travel, such a good trip to scout the most attractive cities in Egypt Cairo & Luxor, these two cities full of amazing sightseeing you can never miss visiting it while you are in Egypt, only two days to explore Cairo and Luxor (Thebes) and see all what you need, you will enjoy

    2 Days

  • Luxor Tours from Taba, Maestro Online Travel invites you to spend a day of a dream on the land of pharaohs Thebes (Luxor) from Taba, you will have the great chance to visit the legendry Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple in the East Bank, then have a look and visit the West Bank in Luxor including Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut Temple, Colossi of Memnon.

    About 16 hours

  • Petra Tours from Taba come to you by Maestro Online Travel, such an amazing exciting tour to Petra from Taba, take a ferry boat to Aqaba port then start your perfect day tour to Petra Jordan, visit the adorable sightseeing in the ancient city Petra in a full day then back again to Taba.

    1 Day

  • Colored Canyon Safari Tours from Taba by Maestro Online Travel; you can't miss this safari tour while being in Taba, enjoy our safari tours to the Colored Canyon with 4 X 4 Jeep, the trip takes around 2 hours scouting the desert & the Colored Canyon.

    About 2 hours

  • Maestro Online Travel brought to you St. Catherine and Moses Mountain tours from Taba, take this great chance to have some fun & go through the adventure to St. Catherine Monastery and climb Mount Sinai get amazed with the amazing view & weather.  

    About 12 hours

  • Quad Bike Safari Tours in Taba via Maestro Online Travel, a fantastic adventure trip from Taba you can do every day, scout Sinai desert and take a short drive via Quad Bike to the Bedouin village and then have some rest there, enjoy your every single moment in Sinai desert.

    About 4 hours

  • Maestro Online Travel brought to you Safari Tours in Taba, come and join our adventure tours in Sinai desert, you will begin your safari tour with quad bike riding and get experience and know how you can use it & run, take a short drive to the Bedouin village drink Bedouin tea and if you want you can ride a camel for a while.

    About 4 hours

  • Aqaba Snorkeling Tours in Taba via Maestro Online Travel, your snorkeling tour in Taba begin with the snorkeling instructions then you will take a boat inside Aqaba gulf & get amused by the magical world under the Red Sea, scout the underwater life and see the colored fish & the color reefs.

    About 6 hours