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Maestro Online Travel offers for travelers a special Luxor excursions & Luxor day tours in & from Luxor,  Luxor is Egypt's richest treasure-house of ancient history, it is the site of the New Kingdom capital, Thebes, in the temples of Luxor and Karnak it has two of the world's most magnificent religious buildings and nearby is the amazing necropolis known as the Valley of the Kings, however you can do a Luxor day tour to visit East & West banks include all Luxor Temples, also you can make a day tour to Cairo from Luxor, Day trips to Aswan from Luxor, Desert Safari Tours from Luxor, Tours to Kharga & Dakhla Oasis from Luxor, Abu Simbel tours from Luxor, enjoy sound & light show in Karnak temple, trips to kom Ombo temples, tours to Edfu & Dendera & Abydos temples & many other tours you can really enjoy while staying in Luxor.  

  • Tour To The East And West Bank in Luxor, With Maestro Egypt Tours you will have the great chance to explore the most famous attraction sites in Egypt, such as the East Bank (Karnak & Luxor temples) & the West bank (Valley of Kings, Queen Hatshepsut temple, Colossi of Memnon), enjoy a special private tours in Luxor to discover the glory of a

    About 8 hours

  • Cairo Day Tour From Luxor By Flight offered to you by Maestro Online Travel, spend a special day tour to Cairo from Luxor city to explore the greatness of the ancient pharaohs, visit the Pyramids of Giza, of king Chephren, Cheops & Mykernuis, also you will see the Great Sphinx, proceed to visit the Egyptian Museum & Khan El Khalili.

    About 16 hours

  • Trip To Aswan & Abu Simbel From Luxor by Maestro Online Travel, another great day you will make from Luxor city the land of Pharaohs, you will enjoy visiting the High Dam, Unfinished obelisk, Philae Temple, also in the second day you will pay a visit to see Abu Simbel temple the great miracle of Pharaohs.

    2 Days

  • Trip to Edfu & Kom Ombo From Luxor by Maestro Online Travel, discover the greatness of Kom Ombo temples the center of the worship of the god Sobek, the Crocodile god & Edfu Temples the best example of a preserved temple that dates back to the Ptolemaic period in Egypt.

    About 10 hours

  • Sound & Light Show At Karnak Temple produced for you by Maestro Online Travel is among the most interesting shows in Egypt enjoyed by hundreds of tourists who travel to Egypt, you will listen to the whole story behind the establishment and the glory of the ancient capital of Thebes. This audio- visual show will explain to you how the

    About 2 hours

  • Tour to The West Bank In Luxor brought to you by Maestro Online Travel, Luxor hosts the large number of monuments in the whole world. The city served as the capital of Egypt, when it was called Thebes, for more than 800 years. The East Bank of the River Nile was called the city of the living. Today we will be exploring the city of Dead at the West

    About 6 hours

  • Tour to The East Bank In Luxor with Maestro Online Travel, With history that extends for more than 3000 years, Luxor has some of the most astonishing historical sites in Egypt. A visit to Luxor is highly recommended for tourists who travel to Egypt and who are fond of the ancient Egyptian history.

    About 4 hours

  • Tour To Dendera And Abydos Temples come to you by Maestro Online Travel, There are also some wonderful day tours from Luxor many vacationers spending their holidays in Egypt would enjoy. One of the most interesting day tours from Luxor is that to explore two of the amazing ancient Egyptian temples that are located near Luxor. The Temple of Dendera

    About 10 hours